Ten Reasons Why We Love Horse Racing

  • Horse racing is accessible to all, young and old, from every background, year-round. Most tracks are very family-friendly, offering a variety of events and entertainment for the whole family.
  • Horse racing culture is rich in tradition, from the Kentucky Derby (“the greatest two minutes in sports,”) to the pageantry of Royal Ascot.
  • Horses are incredible athletes who utilize their natural balance, muscle, and speed, making the races incredibly exciting to watch.
  • We love how accessible horse racing is to anyone with a mobile device. You can watch, play and win at tracks around the world from just about anywhere.
  • You can get “up close and personal” with the athletes (equine and human.) Watching the horses in the paddock before each race, you get a good sense of the love, patience and excellent care horses receive from their grooms and trainers.
  • If you are an animal lover, you’ll naturally be drawn to the magnificent beauty of racehorses as they fly past the grandstand – a blur of color and grace!
  • Dress up or dress down, all are welcome at the track (honestly, ladies, we do love it when you wear your best hat!)
  • Horse racing is a day-long social event punctuated by exciting races. Bring your friends, pick your winners and kick back with a cold one on a summer day. What could be better?
  • Horse racing attracts a very diverse group of people to the track. Whether you’re mingling or simply “people watching,” a day at the races is always entertaining and often, inspiring. Each track has its own unique vibe!
  • Seasoned fans know there is never really a “bad” perspective for watching the races. In the grandstand seats, from the rail or the paddock view, every angle offers a unique glimpse of the horses and a place to cheer them home.