Goals And Values Of Grants Pass Downs

Grants Pass Downs (GpDowns) remains a place of victories and defeats. Place that unites horse racing fans. Place where you can decide fates. It perfectly describes what we offer visitors. Now let’s go more!

This story begins in 1968 in Southern Oregon, when GpDowns horse racetrack hosted its first horse racing. Events located at the Josephine County Fairgrounds. It became a popular venue among equestrian fans.

Since then, it has hosted new races every year, giving people emotions beyond words. Don Jackson has played one vital role during GpDowns racetrack’s constant development.

This place has successfully carried out all activities related to horse racing for more than 50 years, developing plans for further sport achievements.

GpDowns became famous among horse racing sports fans. Beginning of our story was made by a man who had a sincere love for horses, so the team followed these rules! Coworkers remain sure everything will work out with effort!

What Matters in Horse Racing

During horse racing it remains important to responsibly carry out all tasks through absolutely different types of activity. Each service’s quality provided by staff determines further development.

Providing inclusive racing conditions has always remained a priority. Staff achieved it by constant hard work. Readers need to focus on four-legged participants, without whom this sport would not exist at all. All animals must stay clean, which makes it clear that events’ level remains high. Health remains a vital condition for animals.

It provides stable work both for humans and horses, who become assistants throughout any race. Health status is determined not only by presence or absence of any disease, but also by other factors you can learn about by browsing a special section on this site.

As for staff working at GpDowns, the main condition — loving both animals and sports. Without these two factors, any work does not seem possible, as they add up to important results when achieving regularly every year. Horses remained loyal helpers since ancient times, so now our attitude towards them should deserve friendly respect.

Coach’s professionalism is evident in his or her attitude towards four-legged friends. Improving the quality of horses’ work, workers must set right examples. Horses have high intelligence levels, so they understand what happens around them at a high level too.

Horses need quality testing, healthy nutrition, and mental health. Trainers and veterinarians take responsibility for providing such conditions!

So, what remains important for viewers who attend sports horse races? An essential rule every person should follow — radiating honesty with positivity. It sounds pretty simple! It ensures productive work, as well as creates a favorable atmosphere for every person who takes part at Grants Pass Downs racetrack.

Everyone values not only watching all races, but enjoying every minute spent with like-minded people, experiencing positive emotions!

Importance of Changes And Improvements

Scientists create technologies which make life much easier. People are always looking for ways that help us become perfect. They feel free and safe when investing money, energy or time in developing or changing something. So, it remains a vital human’s need.

The staff believes everyone understands changes’ importance, even if it requires hard work or coming out of their comfort zone. Same rules staff follows when talking about work on our racetrack. For sports, persons must constantly develop, so she or he cannot achieve good results without effort.

Improving one’s own personality, helping one’s animal, who becomes a loyal partner, remain valuable assets for Grants Pass Downs racetrack.

Improving the venue became an agenda. In 2020, we added 800 tons of sand to GpDowns horse racetrack. Horses needed this extent, because participation safety remains vital. We planned to fine-tune the grandstand’s design and solve lighting problems that caused difficulties at nighttime. You can find corresponding photographs taken by Vince and Linda Williams on our website.

Sometimes viewers may not perceive changes, but over time, everyone understands that these changes have ultimately led to improvements. Teammates always listen for our viewers, so we try our best when making everyone feel comfortable.

Our team maintains honest relations with you, because this honesty has become our vision. We invite you to participate in our team, if you look forward to discovering more about the equestrian sport, as well as seeing all the secrets with your eyes!

Our team thanks you for your trust that we do everything possible when improving the working quality! Everyone can definitely say — we race with integrity!

What Is Our Main Pride

We represent our main goal as preserving heritage handed down from generation to generation. Coworkers do not exhaust horse racing’s unique vision. «Heritage» refers to the appropriate way of conducting races, methods that help all participants develop sporting spirit. Staff feels proud that all riders achieve success when they keep these traditions.

Maintaining dedication remains our main pride over years. All these factors would not have been possible if not because of staff activity, who ensure Grants Pass Downs racetrack’s perfect running every day; or without all participants, who show impeccable results at usual races, attracting more public attention.

All participants’ achievements stay reinforced by a sensitive attitude towards athletes, who receive high-quality care for undergoing regular medical examinations before competitions. Our staff takes responsibility for the participants’ health and provides necessary conditions!

Viewers «are living up» an ordinary building, creating its success story. We value your trust! Our team will not let you down because we feel happy about constantly delighting you with new events, thereby attracting horse racing fans.

We follow trends that experts observe in horse racing sports, so are determined in working hard when setting new world records with you! Professionals can call our work difficult, but our employees do their best when ensuring fans it looks easy for letting them relax!