Health of All Participants Is Under Control

Animals’ health appears as a vital factor when organizing races or tournaments. To participate in activities during all races, horses must have strength and endurance. One obvious example — a competition called Jumping, which remains physically difficult. Our staff requires pre-race vet check for each four-legged participant to let them take part during competitions in Grants Pass Downs.

Before starting, we must make sure that all animals receive appropriate qualified medical care, and their participation does not cause negative consequences. Veterinarians thoroughly examine each horse: skin tattoos, no injuries to their legs, hooves and torso.

Animal gait observation helps understand movement comfort degree, and how fast it moves around. Maximum speed when moving with trotter or gallop reaches 50-60 km/h, which veterinarians consider. During all races, experts are watching four-legged athletes when preparing animals and closely observing their behavior.

When doctors find slightest symptoms which indicate the horse cannot race, we cannot allow it. Deeper examination remains vital when identifying serious problems that require long-term treatment.

These problems include: the musculoskeletal system diseases, parasitic microorganisms penetration into the body, joint diseases, infections. If vets have timely carried out treatments, athletes recover and continue living their full life!

Who Are Our Veterinarians For Horses

Facts about human treatment of animals appeared in the 4th century BC. Horse veterinarians accompanied the Roman army in its campaigns. This profession has always remained vital.
Grants Pass Downs’ veterinarians represent not only doctors who treat animals.

These are people who know everyone and keep statistics on all athletes’ health. Veterinarians examine horses’ needs, drawing conclusions about their mood and behavior. Grants Pass Downs’ vets:

  • professional;
  • kind;
  • responsible;
  • communicative!

They love animals. They care about them. They support them through the races. It became a philosophy that animals should not feel uncomfortable during events because they deserve a deep examination.
Risks exist in any activity.

Veterinarians’ sensitivity helps minimize these risks, as well as avoid sad consequences. Their health represents a great GpDowns’ responsibility! Safety among all athletes remains a top priority during all activities.

According to a study published in 2012, horses have a high intelligence level. They have a good memory and recognize familiar voices. That explains why veterinarians become friends with Grants Pass Downs’ racing athletes!

What About Human Health

Apart from caring about racing horses’ health, we care about every person’s health during competitions. Each athlete undergoes regular medical examination, which helps identify potential health problems. The smallest problems, taken into account by Grants Pass Downs’ experts, cause temporary exclusion from racing.

We monitor the health among our audience, so we feel ready to provide first aid. Our doctors are on duty to convince you that no unforeseen circumstances will happen! Grants Pass Downs has responsibility for training its employees!