Grants Pass Downs’ Activities And Partners

Racing’s basic concept remained unchanged for millennia, gaining new fans each new year. History of this sport dates back to 680 BC. This was the first time when mankind had learned about this activity at the Olympiad level. It is an art consisting of various components: riding methods, sports games, tournaments features. In 2022, it does not lose its relevance, but acquires it.

In February 2022, some difficulties were reported. First news on GpDown’s official Twitter page is that they had to cancel one race resulting from a lack of horses. This was announced by Travis Boersma, GpDowns’ owner.

Planning for large-scale events was facilitated after the coronavirus pandemic. It applies to Grants Pass Downs racetrack, so we have planned events as well as races which are waiting for visitors!

Professionals trust us when carrying out events which take place on horse racetrack. On social network Facebook on the official Grants Pass Downs’ page was published a post states that GpDowns racetrack is waiting for friends from Southern Oregon Horse Racing Association.

We can take races 2023! This event includes 2 stages:

  • summer fair meet, which begins in summer 2023;
  • commercial race meet, which takes place in September 2023!

Both meets should show professional animals. Our staff has already prepared to conduct races useful both for participants and spectators! Fans can periodically monitor the website’s news section. It is provided with the latest information from us and our partners, who invest resources in Grants Pass Downs’ development.

Our Sponsors And Helpers

All partners perform as official assistants of GpDowns racetrack. They have interests because they develop our quality. They have high individual hopes, trusting our professionalism. This gives us encouraging opportunities while improving services or continuing working!

News about profitable opportunities. Finding an occupation by 2022 seems possible, when discussing earning money for ordinary horse racing fans. Next we will talk about betting on horse racing sports.

Our staff offers various betting opportunities during races and tournaments hosted at Grants Pass Downs racetrack. These actions are available fully online when using our website, but people can choose off track betting options if it looks more appropriate than online ones.

We cooperate with reliable partners: XpressBet, eBet, Twinspire etc. With their help, visitors can not only enjoy watching any competition, but earn a hobby without leaving home! By betting on races in GpDowns, you help us move forward. Sports betting improves the quality of tournaments and informs hosts of their success. You directly participate in determining the fate of competitions.

If people want to financially support development of our racetrack, they can do so if they deem it necessary for themselves! We always think about cooperation with new partners! Staff is grateful to each visitor for a contribution to the improvement of GpDowns!