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Our Grants Pass Downs racetrack’s staff took care about comfort and created a section that will greatly simplify fans’ lives! In this section users will see news which takes place in horse racing. Posted news is copyrighted, which helps us filter and control content provided to viewers.

GpDowns Association bears full responsibility for all materials published on our official page, so all fans trust us!

It does not represent sick work when someone finds necessary information, because people have everything available on the Internet. You must not visit any libraries, as well as should not spend time learning scientific information from old books.

Users do not need fresh newspapers, which were supposed to be the main source. If we remember older generations’ times, it becomes clear how people learned about upcoming events.

People can breathe a sigh and not think about what they miss. They should monitor news websites to extract information from each person’s needs. This helps stay informed about events, so It performs as a hard task if it remains impossible to find a structured format when getting news.

Prior to this time, users could learn about upcoming events from posts on Facebook or Twitter. From now on, our team will collect everything you need in one place and present it on the official Grants Pass Downs’ website.

Our staff plans hosting a wide variety of events around our racetrack — upcoming tournaments, horse races, competitions, team upgrades, staff or venue changes. Fans will know this important news first.

Recent Global Changes

Our website is experiencing an updating phase, so improvements should soon affect the quality of content provided. Our team will fill this site with new sections, so they improve its functional component for comfortable use.

Coronavirus pandemic hit Grants Pass Downs racetrack hard, then we went through crisis periods. Coworkers announce creating future plans and want to share everything with all viewers!

Fans can read this information in detail in an appropriate website section, but you can hint we plan hosting horse races at the end of 2022, as well as in the coming year 2023! Venue remains in the United States, Oregon!

On Thursday, October 27, 2022, GpDonts hosted the Southern Oregon Horse Racing Association at a racetrack restaurant. This event confirms the lively work of our staff on creating an atmosphere suitable for horse racing sports’ fans. Pleasant environment remains vital for GpDowns racetrack’s team!

You can watch us live on Facebook for more information on improvements. All these factors leave no doubt about a way forward. Grants Pass Downs racetrack’s existence is not threatened. If you have any questions, you can contact us via our website — it is more convenient!

We get inspired about diving into horse racing again!