What Means GpDowns’ Mission During Horse Racing

People may have difficulty overestimating the importance of getting positive emotions. Routine life makes people look for something good literally everywhere: when buying food or coming home after a hard day’s work. Our job aims to give visitors opportunities to forget about everyday problems, enjoying what they really love!

Citing research, a person’s financial success depends 85% on his or her emotions and attitude. Happy people have longer life spans as well as quality. When people around sense happiness, others also start feeling happy and transmit these emotions.

Ensuring the existence of such an atmosphere, which makes every participant see ideal, remains vital for Grants Pass Downs. If you experience happiness, then we do it too. This should become our motivation for further GpDowns horse racetrack development!

Our team wants to tell you interesting information. In the Olympic program, equestrian sports first appeared in 1900. Since 1912, this sport has been present during all Summer Olympics. Now you can imagine: for how long this sport pleases its audience every year and gathers more fans.

Although GpDowns does not hold any Olympic Games, our role when providing fans with positive emotions does not remain as the last priority!

Everyone Should Feel Convenient

Comfortable feeling plays an incredibly important role for human beings, because you can truly enjoy your favorite hobbies, performing necessary work with high quality. It is hard to disagree that when we stay uncomfortable, everything can annoy us.

Even if something concerns something you love, these things may temporarily bring no pleasure. Creating a comfortable environment at Grants Pass Downs racetrack ensures any race or tournament success. Executing staff directs many efforts when proving that all activities are carried out in perfect ways making all people satisfied.

It remains essential when understanding that staff provides viewers with comfort, but fans’ behavior seems essential too. One can recall a good mood, as discussed in the previous paragraph. Together we can create horse racing Disneyland, where all participants will detect an appropriate atmosphere with every body cell!

Safety Is Not Canceled

We talk about human factors, such as mood, creating a convenient atmosphere when watching horse racing. But let us remember another factor, without which our team could not have carried out any activities. We talk about race safety, so it makes us perceive more responsibilities.

Professional team does not allow anyone to use animals for commercial purposes without taking care about their health. Veterinarians must confirm each animal’s participation during races avoiding injury or further health problems.

Providing safety for all participants (both animals and riders), spectators, executive staff — remains our first priority at work. Nobody changes this rule throughout many years of Grants Pass Downs racetrack’s existence, as this will never change its philosophy.